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  • Anthem right for me?

    Hey forum mates -

    I play a Gibson Hummingbird Artist to lead worship for a church with services ranging from 200-800 people. We have a full band.

    The guitar is stock with the LR Baggs Element which Id like to upgrade.

    Would the Anthem fit my bracing?
    Is addition of the tru-mic a big improvement?
    Would I benefit from the SL or regular Anthem? (I read some reviews that the SL is for low volume smaller venues).

    My guitar FWIW:

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    Hey forresal,

    The Anthem or the Anthem SL would be great options to upgrade your Hummingbird. The Anthem should fit the Hummingbird bracing, so either one should work.

    I'm personally an Anthem SL endorser. In my experience, the Anthem and the SL will feed back at the same point when installed in the same guitar. So I prefer the simplicity and lighter weight of the SL. The added features of the full Anthem aren't deal-breakers for me.

    After I upgraded the Element in my Gibson J-15 to the SL, I've never had a better plugged in sound!


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      Thanks Caleb!

      I like the idea of smaller and lighter parts in my guitar but worried I'd miss the added ease of tweaking the mix with the standard Anthem.
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        Originally posted by forresal View Post
        worried I'd miss the added ease of tweaking the mix with the standard Anthem.
        Understandable. I used to have the full Anthem (actually the Stage Pro with even more control), but I never moved the mix control away from the mic side of the mix. So the SL is perfect for me.

        Some people like to tweak while they play though. For them, the SL doesn't offer the same on-the-fly control.