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Anthem SL for replacement of Taylor ES system

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  • Anthem SL for replacement of Taylor ES system

    I will replace a Taylor ES system 1.2 with Anthem SL on a Taylor 12-string guitar. The ES system has a metal plate for grounding glued underneath the bridge. There is enough space for the Anthem microphone, but I wonder if the metal plate itself can interfere with the signal in any way. It seems that the metal plate sits firmly and that it will be best to let it sit there.

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    Hey runestro,
    I wouldn't recommend installing the mic over that plate. If the mic doesn't sit flat, it may cause strange overtones in the mic.

    In a few ES retrofits, I've just removed the grounding plate completely, since it doesn't add anything to the new system.

    I hope that helps.


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      Hello. Thank you. I actually meant that there is enough room in front of the metal plate without the microphone touching the metal, but thought that the metal itself might be disturbing (magnetism maybe). An advantage of the metal plate is that it protects the bridge plate to be worn out of the strings.


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        The metal plate will not interact with the mic in a negative way. So placing the mic near the grounding plate shouldn't be an issue at all.


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          Thanks! I recently exchanged an Element system with Anthem SL in a Gibson J-35 and that was a great upgrade. My favorite is a Larrivee L-03 where I've mounted Lyric with luck. Looking forward to getting the Anthem SL in my Taylor 12-string.


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            mixing of the lb6 pickup with newer preamp on output jack/


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              Originally posted by steve fulnecky View Post
              mixing of the lb6 pickup with newer preamp on output jack/
              Hey Steve,
              I just replied to your email.