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Lyric or Anthen Installation on Martin DCPA5 or DRS2

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  • Lyric or Anthen Installation on Martin DCPA5 or DRS2


    I'am Brazilian and in FEV/2015 i a going to EUA and want to buy one Martin (DCPA5 or DRS2) and a L.R.Baggs pickup (Lyric or Anthem)
    Iam very concerned about the installation on these guitars.
    Looking at the fishman input jack, i'am thinking if i could avail the plastic piece where the fishman jack resides. In other words, it is possible to take the Fishman input jack away and use the same hole in the plastic piece?
    Look at the plastic piece iam talking about in a Fishman Sonitone OEM (Martin DRS2)

    I have the same question about the Martin DCPA5 that user the Fishman F1 Analog pickup

    Can anyone help me?

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    Hi ewernet,
    I've actually installed the Lyric and the Anthem on those kinds of plastic plates before (on Taylor's though). I even soldered the battery lead from the Lyric (twice) to the existing battery drawer for easier external access. If you aren't worried about modifying the plastic, most of them can be easily utilized for other systems. I just had to widen the jack hole to a 1/2" in order to install the LR Baggs jack. This may not even be necessary, depending on the guitar that you get.

    However, since I haven't removed either one of those exact systems before, I cannot say anything for sure.

    I know it's not much, but I hope it helps.