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    Hi there!
    I just bought a new guitar (Yamaha LL-16 ARE)
    The natural sound from my guitar is really good but the problem is its default pickup system doesn't make a good sounds ( to be exact, sounds is good but it's not loud enough to perform-Passive pickup).
    I am a worship leader and I do strumming 99%.
    So I am interested in UST pickup particularly, Session VTC (I think for the strumming, UST Pickup performs better, and this pickup sounds better than previous USTs).
    I liked the session di sounds and concept and but i prefer Venue to use EQs.
    So do you think Session VTC would be a good choice for my purpose?
    and also wanna buy Venue DI some later, would they be good partnership?
    Session VTC & Venue DI.
    Trying to get many information on internet but it's new so not much out there!
    Looking forward to reply. Thanks!

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    Hey Bryan,
    If you like UST's for how you usually play, the Session VTC is the best standalone UST system I've played. The built-in compression balances out the tone of the pickup, and the Saturation warms up the low end. It also pairs very well with the Venue DI, so it should be a great solution for your needs.