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Lyric, M80, Venue and Session

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  • Lyric, M80, Venue and Session


    I use the Lyric and M80 in combination. The Lyric goes through a Venue and the M80 goes through another EQ pedal. They both go into the stereo input in a Bose Tone Match audio engine and then through the Bose L1 Compact, so I can do some final EQ on the joint signal into the Bose. I've been thinking of buying a Session DI, since, although the sound is great, I have always thought it could be warmer and more present, and the Session seems to promise this. The question is: can I put both the Lyric and M80 through the Session, perhaps with a 1/4" TRS to dual 1/4" cable? Or perhaps by some other means. I think it's going too far to buy a Session for each of them!



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    Hi Tim,
    There's not really any good way to get two signals into the Session without using a dedicated mixer or stereo preamp. You can use a simple splitter, but the two signals will load onto each other, causing some volume and tone loss. That doesn't necessarily mean that it will sound bad, but it may be unpredictable.

    Are you running vocals through the Tonematch as well? If not, you could take the output from the Tonematch, into the Session, and then into the L1.


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      Hi Caleb

      I've been preoccupied with other stuff since posting this, so I've only just got round to thinking about it. Unfortunately, the Tonematch is used for vocals as well. I think I might just try it with the Lyric anyway. Could I get a reasonably priced stereo pre-amp if I do want to use both? Any suggestions?


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        The LR Baggs Mixpro is about the least expensive stereo preamp, with the best sound quality that I've seen. It's simple and small, but very effective.


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          Great. Thanks. I'll take a look. I've bought the Session anyway, but I haven't had time to try it out yet.