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Installing iMix

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  • Installing iMix

    I'm installing an iMix system and can't figure out how to install the flat cable to the preamp and controller. Is it just supposed to slide into the slot? Thanks.
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    Hey M1A,
    The white slot has a clamp that you need to open before the cable will fit in. If you use your fingernail to lift up on the two ends of the white connector, it will pop up. Then you can put the cable in and press the clamp/connector back down to lock it in place.


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      Thanks that worked. One more question. The light on the preamp stays on all the time, even when there's no cord plugged in. Is that normal? Thanks.


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        The light should turn off when the guitar is unplugged. If the light stays on, then try unplugging the grey output harness from the preamp. If the light goes off at that point, there's probably a short in the jack itself.


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          It did go out when I unplugged the output harness. Looks like I'll need a new one.

          Thanks for the help.


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            Shoot me an email at [email protected], and I'll help you out.