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  • EQ for the Anthem SL

    I've been reading about the Anthem and i always heard something like: bla-bla-bla, needs the correctly EQ applied, or bla-bla-bla, consider a good EQ in your gear, etc.

    I know nothing about EQ and asking for sugestions. If i install the Anthem in my YAMAHA Dread (F370), what kind of EQ will i need? Venue DI, Para DI, any ordinary 3 band soundboard?

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    Good question...
    EQ is absolutely a great thing to have available, and to learn how to use. I don't think that there is a more powerful tool in an acoustic guitarist's toolbox.

    With that said, I actually think that the Anthem SL requires less EQ than any other system that we make- it naturally has a very balanced sound in most cases. Of course this depends on a lot of factors like the guitar and the amplification system. However, I've used the Anthem and the SL in different guitars of mine for several years now, and compared to everything else that I've used, the Anthem's require very little EQ.

    I have the Venue DI for my live gigs, but really, the Para DI is more than adequate for EQ'ing the Anthems (again, for most situations). Even a good mixing console with a sweepable mid-range band would probably be able to get you a good sound in a less-ideal room. I might be slightly biased from my (excellent) experiences with the Anthems though. Mixing sound for live and recorded audio, as well as performing, the Anthem and the Anthem SL require little to nothing in order to get an amazing sound. This is largely the reason why the Anthem SL is my favorite acoustic system. I'll sometimes cut a little bit of low-mids on my SL, but that's really my way of getting a better place in a full band mix.

    So if the installation of the system is done well and you still need EQ (to really dial it in), I really don't think you would need very much.