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  • Duet II Problems

    Hi everyone and Merry Christmas....

    I have a Seagull Maple CW Duet, that has the LR Baggs Duet II system installed. The sound has been excellent and the functioning great but last night during rehearsal for a Christmas service I was getting a lot of distortion, especially on low strings or when strumming hard. None of the controls seemed to function anymore. I replaced battery with a fresh one but that did not resolve the issue. We were about to just mic it up for the service but I found if I set all the equalizer settings to neutral and the volume to max and the invert phase switch in up position that the distortion was minimal and the sound board person could control volume as long as I didn't strum too hard.

    What are my options? Is there any way to get this repaired? Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions you can give!

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    Hey patchh,
    The Duet II has been out of production for quite a while, so most of the replacement parts are unavailable.

    If you wanted to send it in, we may be able to fix it. I can't say for sure though. If you have to set the pots in a certain position to avoid noise, then the pots are probably wearing out.

    Send me an email at [email protected], if you want to go over repair options.