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Anthem in a 2013 J-35

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  • Anthem in a 2013 J-35

    I purchased a Gibson J-35 back in 2013 when they reissued them that year. I absolutely love that guitar - it's a guitar for the road, the studio, and everywhere in between. As you may already know, the axe comes with an Element installed in it - hey it's a great pickup for a UST. But it IS a UST. About the same time that I bought the guitar, I also purchased an LR Baggs PADI which really improved the sound overall. But I have always been looking for the true sound from my guitar! A couple of years back I ended up picking up a TC Electronic BodyRez - its a great little box that brings out a more natural sound from a piezo... I was getting great comments after my shows about how great my guitar sounded. Awesome, right!? NO! Because I still knew it could sound better. I also tried centering my beloved ETL Edwina mic between my voice and my axe so it would pick up the natural sound of it and blend it in with my plugged in sound. But alas, I STILL knew I hadn't found THAT sound.

    Last night I installed THE ANTHEM - along with the purchase of a new Venue DI. I placed the tru-mic on the opposite side of the saddle then what the guide says (honestly there isn't a lot of room on a 35 to put it on the soundhole side) and all I can say is THANK YOU LR BAGGS!!!!! You did it. Well, I did it - but you made it happen for me! I play over 100 shows a year and I finally have the sound I need. I seriously love you folks.

    Anyone else have a J-35 Anthem success story? I wanna hear them!

    Thanks again guys. Maybe I'll post a video here soon with the beautiful sound coming my from guitar.


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    Thanks for sharing!

    The Anthem was my first upgraded pickup system, replacing an old OEM Yamaha system. The Anthem made that guitar sound better than guitars 5x the price when it was plugged in.

    I don't have the guitar anymore, but I still use the Anthem!