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Colosi LB6 Balance Issues

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  • Colosi LB6 Balance Issues

    Hi There,

    I recently acquired a Yamaha LL16 and while the guitar is very nice, I didn't care for the stock UST and included a Bob Colosi bone-topped LB6 in an order I made to replace the nut and bridge pins. I had to go to a new luthier as my normal guy retired and moved and I wasn't thrilled with the install. The pickup has a gap in the slot on the side of the high-e string and that very string is very quiet while the B-string is very loud and the low-end is a bit muddy. The string spacing measured at 2 1/8" but seems off by a very small amount after the install.

    Do I need to have the tech re-install/align the pickup? Will I be able to fill the slot or is that a permanent feature? Thank you!
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    Hey Erik,
    It definitely looks like the pickup is misaligned. If your tech can re-center it, that should improve the balance of the outer strings.


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      Thanks! I have a feeling their may still be gap in the saddle when it's done. I haven't had this issue with my other LB6 installs, do you think tone or intonation will be compromised with a saddle that doesn't fill the ends of the slots?


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        It shouldn't cause any issues as long as the pickup is perfectly centered in relationship to the strings.


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          The tech re-centered the LB6 and, unfortunately, was unable to improve the balance issue. He contacted Baggs who said this sometimes happens and recommended putting electrical tape on the bottom of the pickup. He asked me if that was ok and I said "no thank you" and he's replacing it with a normal saddle and installing a passive iBeam.

          I purchased it from Colosi but is this something that would be covered under Baggs warranty?


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            There are a few things that can be done to improve balance issues with the LB6. Simple tweaks like electrical tape or eraser putty under the pickup are easier ways to get good balance in non-ideal installations. If you want the pickup to balance without using any shims or tweaks, the saddle slot will likely need to be refilled and re-routed so that the LB6 will fit correctly. If the slot doesn't allow for a good fit, the LB6 can have trouble, just like any other saddle or undersaddle pickup.

            Since the Colosi Bone LB6's are made by custom order for Bob, they are not covered under any standard LR Baggs warranty. Bob may offer a warranty of his own, but since the pickup seems to be working correctly, I don't know if he would be able to take it back.


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              Bob doesn't believe that the pickup is working properly and will accept it back for a full-refund. I have 3 LB6s installed and 1 iBeam with another going into the Yamaha and have never had any issues, so I think this is a one-off incompatibility between guitar and pickup.

              For the future, what is required for a LB6 not purchased through Bob to be considered returnable?


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                I'm glad to hear that Bob is doing that for you. He's a good guy.

                Any factory-made LB6 would be covered under our warranty. Any bone-topped pickup would not be covered since they are only available by custom order.