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  • Venue DI Tuner Issues

    I've been having issues with the Venue DI tuner not consistently turning on when I push the button. It will work one moment and then the next time I try and tune the button will mute the guitar but the tuner won't activate. My solution to this has been to press the button on and off until the tuner activates. Some times it can take as many as 10 - 20 "on/offs" before it illuminates and tuning becomes possible. Ive tried different chords, battery changes in the Dual Source Pickup, volume on the pickup, and making sure the Venue DI is plugged into an outlet as well as keeping the battery in the unit fresh. The violinist in the band I play with has the same issue. It always works eventually but when you're tuning in-between songs the delay can become a bother. Any ideas? Thanks.


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    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for your inquiry.

    We've had a few instances of this symptom that would present itself in the situation you described. It's when the tuner has timed out but the signal remains muted and the player then wants to tune so they quickly step twice on the footswitch to turn the mute off and then reengage the tuner/mute.

    A few players have simply clicked too fast. If you give an extra half-second between the two clicks, it should reengage the tuner reliably.

    If adding a little time between clicks does not solve the issue, please let me know.


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      I am having problems with both of the switches on my Venue. The boost switch does nothing. The Mute/tune switch mutes reliably, but does not turn the tuner on very often. It takes up to a dozen attempts before it'll work.

      This is not acceptable for a working musician. I love the unit otherwise, but I am gonna look for a replacement if Baggs can't fix it.
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        Hey dgans,
        Thanks for posting.

        The Venue DI is a great unit, but it does have some quirks that can be troublesome if you aren't aware of them.

        For instance, the tuner has a timeout feature to save power. So after about a minute of being on, the tuner will shut off. In order to get it back on you need to un-mute the DI, wait 3-4 seconds, and then re-mute the DI. This will restart the tuner and get everything working again. If you don't wait the 3-4 seconds before muting the DI again, the tuner will not re-engage.

        For the boost, you need to make sure that the "Boost Level" on the back of the unit is turned up. If the level isn't up past +2-3dB of boost, you may not notice any difference in level when engaging the boost. I recommend setting the level to the "noon" position at least.

        If you are still having trouble, shoot me an email at [email protected], and I will do what I can to help.


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          Thank you! Turns out the boost control was down pretty low. I'll check that out tonight.

          Not sure what to make of your info re mute/tune. If the unit is unmuted and I hit the mute/tune switch, shouldn't it go into tuning mode? It doesn't.


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            I responded to your email for faster communication.