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High Frequency Feedback with Lyric

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  • High Frequency Feedback with Lyric

    I recently had a Lyric professionally installed on my Martin OM-18A. My luthier is several hours away so I thought I'd try the forum first before taking it back to him. I get a large amount of loud, high-frequency feedback when using the Lyric. It occurs whenever I adjust the volume upward to a performance level (using either the soundhole control or the volume on the amplifier). It only goes away when the volume is adjusted down to the point of not even being able to hear through the PA and/or amplifier. I have tried it with and without my Tonebone DI, and using three different amplifiers/PA systems. Since I did not install the system myself, I don't have the "special tool" to adjust the presence control (although it looks like just a small phillips). Any suggestions?

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    Hey jfranks,
    It sounds like the Presence control is set too high. If you don't have the tool that came with the system, you can use a flat-head jewelers screwdriver to turn that control down a little.

    Setting that control correctly should really help with that issue.


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      Thanks, Caleb. I've been out of town until today and finally got a chance to adjust the presence control at home with a small amp. It did help a little but still haven't found the sweet spot. I will test it out tomorrow with my "gigging setup" and report back. I really appreciate the response and look forward to any other ideas. (Any potential benefit to moving the microphone position?)



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        Changing the mic position will mostly alter the mid-range response of the mic. It can help to get a more balanced sound, but dialing in the presence control is definitely the first place to start.