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Add Sunrise to Element ?

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  • Add Sunrise to Element ?


    I recently aquired a newish Gibson AJ Pro with Active Element. I am wondering if the jack is TRS, so that I could add my Sunrise pickup to the jack?

    Also, I am considering adding the Ibeam and using Imix. Do I understand correctly that I will need to remove the Acitve Element in favor of the passive model in order to use the Imix? And is the included jack TRS with this system?

    Anyone have any experience with this setup?


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    Hey Travis,
    The Element Active does have a TRS jack, and it does allow for a passive second source (like the Sunrise) to be added for stereo output. You would still need a preamp for your second source, but the two pickups can share the same jack.

    As far as the iMix goes, it is much easier to just replace the whole Element Active System with the iMix. The iMix parts are not as easy to find separately/individually, and it can sometimes cost more money if you go that route. I usually recommend selling the Element Active and just getting the iMix as a new, self contained system. The iMix does have mono and stereo (TRS) capability though.

    I personally prefer to blend a more woody or acoustic tone with the Element, like the iBeam in the iMix. Mixing the Element and a magnetic can produce some more interesting sounds that may work better in louder situations, but if you want a more natural option, the iBeam would be my recommended pairing.

    I hope that helps.


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      Thanks Caleb.

      Is there an impedance issue if I were to plug the Sunrise in to the Imix similar to the way the M1 can attach?


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        There is actually a special cable required in order to match the M1 to the iMix. The cable has some capicitors built into it to alter the M1's impedance in order to interface correctly with the preamp. Other than that, it is a pretty simple 3/32" to 1/8" cable. We call it the M1C3. It should do the same thing if you want to use the Sunrise with the iMix.


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          If I were to use the Imix, what blender do you recommend on the other end of the stereo cable? I do own a Fishman Blender but am considering upgrade. Also, is it a good idea to add a preamp/blender to a signal that is already preamped onboard the guitar?

          Thanks for all of your help!


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            There are several really nice blending preamps out there. I personally prefer to just use the iMix to blend the signals, using the EQ contour controls on the iMix to balance the sources.

            For external mixing preamps though, I've heard great things about the Headway EDB-2, and the D-Tar Solstice. Both have a good reputations for stereo acoustic rigs.

            I hope that helps.


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              Oh of course! I forgot that the output of the Imix would be mono, blended on board...


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                It has a mono/stereo switch. So it can do both.