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Anthem lyric tinny sound

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  • Anthem lyric tinny sound

    Hi, i am new here and i am a proud new owner of a Gibson songwriter 2016, i just bought. It sounds very well without amplification, but usind the installed anthem lyric the sound is tinny, no bass, only treble, compared to my furch or Larivees the amplified sound is awful. I changed the persence of the in all direction, no succes. Can anybody help me? Schurschi form Germany

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    Hi schurschi,
    The Lyric and the Anthem are two completely different systems. It sounds to me like you have the Lyric, based on your description.Let me know if that's not the case though.

    What are you plugging your guitar into for amplification? (amp, PA, recording interface, etc.)


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      Hi,thanks for the answer, you are right , it is the L.R. Baggs Lyric system. I am using an Roland AC 40 chorus amp at home. On stage playing in a band we are using a mixer console connected with a LD Systems Maui 11. In both settings the same thin a tinny sound without bass. schurschi


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        Do you know where the mic is positioned in the guitar?


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          please ook at the picture
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            That is the recommended placement.

            The Lyric doesn't have as much bass as some other types of pickups, but it should still sound natural when played through a PA system. If you feel like the bass is extremely lacking, compared to the unplugged tone of the guitar, there may be an issue with the mic itself. If you want to email me at [email protected], I can discuss it with you further. However, it sounds like the system may need to be exchanged. If I could hear a sound sample, it would be easier to tell for sure.