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Lyric with M1 Passive or M80

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    Originally posted by Caleb_Elling View Post
    It's not a mistake. The impedance of each of our systems are optimized to work with a variety of gear. The Lyric's 3.6k output impedance is still technically a pretty low-impedance signal. However, it does seem high if compared to other types of pickups.
    Ok but I said that because sometimes I found Lyric output impedance is 1,6k and sometimes I found 3,6k.
    So i do not know what is the good value


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      It all depends on the setting of the Volume control. If the volume is set any lower than full, the impedance will be effected.


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        Ok, I understood.
        So for security, I need to know when impedance is the highest. Because in the stereo blender I need to put resistor that value is ten times higher than impedance


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          The output impedance is 3.6k. If you measure the output resistance with a meter, you will not get a correct number.

          If you set your input impedance at 4 or 5 Meg Ohms, you will be more than fine.


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            Ok it is a very high input impedance that you suggest me.
            I will test it. Thank you very much


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              Now i tested passive stereo blender and as I thought it works but whatever impedance, the signal is very attenuated.
              So I have to make an active stereo blender.


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                Do you think I can add a tone pot to m80? Or you do not recommande?


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                  Adding a tone pot to a passive pickup can be done, but it usually causes loss in output level. So it's not something that I would typically recommend.


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                    Here is a photo of stéréo blender schematic i made for lyric and m80 combo.

                    And here is what it looks like


                    I recomend to use better female jack sockets that van be soldered on the Plate, because mine on the picture I show is not soldered directly on the plate so i used wires and this not convenient at all

                    Hope it can interest ..

                    Thank you Caleb your help has been very precious.
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                      Thanks for sharing!

                      Its great to see how it turned out.


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                        Yeah! It is with pleasur.
                        Here a draw of what is inside the guitare

                        Note that because of adding many wires around the lyric's preamp, i could not close it completly so i used a 90mm heat-shrink tubing to protect and completly surround the preamp
                        This draw is not very clear but can help understanding


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                          Microphones can be setup active together

                          Hello it makes a long time that I did not come here and I come back again - tell you that I found an easy solution to have both of the microphones active and another kind of stereo mixer more polyvalent. I am making the plans today and I will post it soon.


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                            Sounds good, Censio!


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                              Sorry it was long but i wauted to test my construction in live while a little concert in a bar.

                              First to have both of the microphones active you must proceed exactly as to set them passive but the m80 white remaining cable has to be soldered to the battery tip on the strap jack.
                              I explain. The included strap jack coming with the lyrics mic is a four points female jack (also it is very rare for 6.35 jacks) you have two hot points : lyrics and m80 signal, and then the minus battery tip and the ground tip. When you plugg your mono or stereo jack in, you link the minus battery tip to the ground and you close the circuit and by this way you activate the mic and use the battery.
                              At the beginning i was wondering if soldering the m80 minus battery tip to the lyrics one could be problematic. In fact all circuits are close and activated when minus battery are linked to the ground. So it is okay.
                              Here a simple draw maybe not really understandable.

                              Second i made another stereo mixer. The first i made has defaults : it was usable only with lyrics and m80, mixing the signals securely made a loss of treble and the sound was to much amplified.
                              So here a new plan and some pictures.
                              Défaut 1_0.jpg

                              You see two potentiometers, they are here to correct the loss of treble du to the mix. Inspired fron treble bleeds.
                              However it is only necessary with the m80 passive and a little if active. Lyrics doesn't lose treble so you can let it set to zero. You can use it for something else.
                              The impedance is 200k (100k for the left and 100k for the right) so it can be use for other mics eventually.

                              After test. Having both of the microphones active is very good and powerful and interesting if like me you switch from one to the other. However i think many people will find it too much aggressive or easily loudy. So if you prefer to have your magnetic mic just completing your lyric mic switch it on passive.

                              If i made mistake or you have questions, don't hesitate to ask me!
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