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  • Session VTC pickup

    The Session VTC pickup features a Dynamic EQ, is it the same/similar to what's in the Session DI preamp?
    The VTC pickup lacks of control over the amount of the effect, so I wonder how much is applied to the signal or in other words what would an equivalent setting be on the session DI?

    Is there any HPF pre-set on the Session VTC?

    Are you planning to release more video or sound clips with the Session VTC? It's been around for a about a year now.

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    Hey Bzyku,
    The Session VTC's compression points are more specifically tuned for the Element. The Session DI is more universal. The "equivalent" setting on the Session DI dial would be with the Comp-EQ around noon.

    All of our pickups have an HPF built into them to reduce low-end rumble. The Session VTC should be around 40Hz.

    I'm not sure what the plans are for any more Session VTC content. It's hard to say, since we do have newer products coming out.


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      Thanks Caleb, that's very informative.
      I hope the new products are not pickups because I've just ordered the Session VTC.


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        We're releasing a new line of Acoustic Pedals:


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          I got my Session VTC pickup installed in a Sigma guitar and overall I'm pleased with the tone I get from this pickup.
          Which frequencies are affected by the tone control? The manual says it adds presence but can we be a bit more specific.
          It sounds like it boosts frequencies from about 2kHz to 5kHz, is that roughly correct?
          I'd prefer it scooped the sound and cut out some 600Hz area because that's what I have to do on a mixer EQ to achieve a better sound.


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            Originally posted by Bzyku View Post
            It sounds like it boosts frequencies from about 2kHz to 5kHz, is that roughly correct?
            The details are not publicly available, but I can say that you are roughly correct. The Session VTC does not have a built-in way to adjust sound around 600Hz. That can only be done externally.