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Lyric for a brazilian ten strings guitar (Viola)

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  • Lyric for a brazilian ten strings guitar (Viola)

    Hi; I'm brazilian and I have actually a Lyric mic in hands. I couldn't find a thread in this forum about Lyric placement in guitars without bridge plates, so I'm opening this one. My question is how should Lyric be placed inside a guitar without bridge plate that has paralelels braces (like a classical guitar)? I know there is the Lyric Classical, which could be placed between the braces in a vertical position, but no information about a possible vertical positioning fo Lyric is given anywhere.
    We have in Brasil a peculiar ten strings guitar (viola), sizing the same as a parlor guitar, that is steel stringed (so no Lyric Classical I suppose) but has almost the same internal structure of a classical guitar. So, no bridge plate; just paralel braces (see attachment). How should I proceed to install the Lyric mic on my Viola? Is it possible to place it in a vertical position between the braces, near the bridge (just like the Lyric Classical could be placed)?



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    I think you're on the right track. On a fan braced steel-string guitar, I think that the best position would be the same as the recommended Classical positioning (see annotated picture below). The non-Classical Lyric would definitely be the right choice as well.


    The placement may need to be fine-tuned a little (further under the bridge, possibly), but that would definitely be the first place that I would start. The mic is not sensitive to it's orientation (parallel or horizontal) to the bracing. So don't worry about that.


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      moardsl note

      Thank you very much Caleb.
      I'm going to install it and soon I come back to share the results!

      See ya;