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  • Caleb_Elling
    If you aren't getting any low end on one side of the mix, and no signal on the other, then it sounds like the UST is bad. You'll probably have to replace the UST.

    This one would work as a replacement:

    You could also custom order one through any LR Baggs retailer.

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  • zachagerty
    started a topic Anthem Issue

    Anthem Issue

    I just got an anthem (bought it second hand) with high expectations. I think the UST element isn't working - I get little gain out of out and no bass, and when I dial the mic roller knob off it I don't get any signal. I've adjusted the element dial all the way forward. anyone ever had this? any suggestions? Morgan at LR baggs gave me a few suggestions which I have tried, and it was slightly better, but not really.