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    Just tried to install the Anthem in my Larrivee LV-03R , Unfortunately with the Element Stage Pro system
    installed in the side of the guitar , I can not make the controls for the Anthem fit in the normal
    position in the sound hole. I am thinking of exchanging to the Anthem Stage Pro system.
    the question is , will it just fit in where the stage Pro Element controls are ?
    I am assuming I will get the same sound out of it? as I am very excited on what I am hearing.
    thanks ,David
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    Hey David,
    The Stage Pro Anthem and Stage Pro Element preamps will fit in the exact same cutout. The Stage Pro Anthem has some additional features over the regular Anthem, like a tuner and bass/treble EQ- but otherwise the sound is the same.

    So it sounds to me like trading over to the Stage Pro Anthem should be a good, simple solution for you.


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      thanks Caleb , just what I was hoping to hear!