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    Hello M80 users,

    After using the M1, I installed the M80 yesterday in active mode in my Martin OM 21 SP. Out of the Pickup, directly to my Behringer X32.
    Wondering how much I had to EQ to get a good sound.

    Here is the setting of the EQ. Does anybody use simular EQ-curves ? Please show me yours !

    Greatings Steve
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    That's pretty similar to what I dial in when I use the M80. i usually do deep cut in the low mids (300-400Hz), and a couple of cuts in the upper mids (around 1.5k and 3k). I don't usually cut that much treble, but bringing the top end down helps to mellow things out overall.


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      I am interested in more details about your couple of cuts in the upper mids.
      The hights were cut to much, so I got now a better setup.

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        That looks more like what I usually do. I usually roll off some top end, but not too much.