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L R Baggs Anthem battery drainage

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  • L R Baggs Anthem battery drainage


    I have a Larrivee LV-10E with L R Baggs Anthem factory installed.

    I bought the guitar last year(December, 2013) from a small dealer, and apparently the guitar looked new and was not used before as the registration card was also included.

    Since the time I bought the guitar, the pickup system had a problem regarding battery drainage.

    It only lasted only about 5days from the time I put a new battery.

    Since I don't often use the guitar for amp connection, it was just okay for me at first.(I was just kinda lazy to figure out.)

    Last Friday, I put a new battery in it to use at my church. It was okay on Sunday as well.(Battery indicator showed 4/5).

    And the next day(Monday), I checked the battery indicator, and the battery was completely dead.

    I believe this is completely abnormal.

    Is there any reported problem like this before?


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    Hi Calvin,
    It sounds to me like there may be a short in your Anthem's output cable.

    If you send me an email at [email protected], I'll see what I can do to help you out.