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LR Baggs element pickup

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  • LR Baggs element pickup

    Hello, new here i'm having a problem with my high E string the output seems a lot lower volume than the rest .
    i have tried adjusting the wire carefully and or light sand to level of bridge bottom got a bit better but not like the other strings its installed on a Gibson J35. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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    Hey brenguitar,

    The saddle flatness is definitely a very important factor in getting good string balance. The saddle fit is also very important. If the saddle is too tight in the slot, it could be keeping the pickup from getting good contact.

    Do you know what the saddle material is? Saddle material can also play a big role in the balance and tone of the system.


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      Thank you for reply, i think the saddle material is Tusq. and it sits kinda loose not tight. I believe that it is original.


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        You can try pressing down on the saddle over the high E to make sure that the saddle is fully seated. If it is, then it might be a good idea to double check that the pickup is reaching all the way to the end of the slot (in the saddle slot).

        And if you haven't checked yet, make sure that there are no splinters, shims, or sawdust in the slot that would possibly change the balance.