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Big problems using M80 live

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  • Big problems using M80 live

    Hello LR Baggs forum,

    After playing the M80 on my Martin OM 21 at home over the PA for weeks and practise with my 3 man-acosutic-band, if had the first gig with the M 80.

    The location was indoor for 60 people. We had a good soundcheck when the room was empty. I `ve played the M80 in active mode directly to the mixer. No effects EQ nearly flay low cut 80 hz. The speakers of the PA were 2 meters beside me, far away from the guitar and no radiate to the guitar directly. The sound of the PA was very balanced and absolutly clear.

    When the gig started I put the gain of the PA a little bit higher, because the people where in, and then the stresss started.

    It sounds like were playing in big hugh church or hall. The sound was full of mud. I turned the effects on the mixer to zero.
    I cut out basses a bit on every mic and both guitars. That helps a little bit but there was still mud and church sound.
    I muted every signal to found out where it came from. It was my guitar.
    I moved the M80 pickup a little bit more to the bridge. It doesn`t help. I changed from the martin with the M80 to a guitar with piezo pickup. The mudy church sound was gone. So it has to do with the M80. We did not play verry lound. The people were talking and we were playing. I have been using the M1 over years and had never ever had problems like this.

    The next day I checked the M80. The same setting, the same PA, just because at home not so much power first. The pickup sound was absolutly good.
    I turned up the level of the PA and the mudy church sound starts again. I turned up the gain a little bit more and the mudy chruch sound was getting bigger, with only the martin and my new M80 pickup.

    Then I compared the M1 with the M80 to found out more. I found out that the M80 is "much much much" more microphonic as the M 1. The effect of a mudy church sound did realy come from the M80. The sound of the PA was picked up from the M80 and insertet in the guitar sound again.

    Did I do something wrong ?
    Is there anybody out there who made the same expirience ?
    I like the sound of the M 80 much more than the M1. Is it possible to do things to elimate the microphonic volume a little bit, with tape or what ever ?
    Or is the M80 not a Pickup for live playing ?
    Is there anybody out there who even uses the M80 stressless in a rock`band ?

    I am curious to your anseres

    Sorry for my bad english !

    Thank you verry much

    Greatings Steve

    (sorry there went someting wrong with the first post, afterwards editing)
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    I have never heard of anything like that happening with the M80 before. It is more sensitive to the guitar than the M1, but the response should not be that much more microphonic.


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      I think I may be best if you send me an email at [email protected]. That way I can respond to you more quickly and we can work together to figure out what is going on.