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Venue. FX Serial Loop or after device

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  • Venue. FX Serial Loop or after device

    Hey, I can not understand the difference when connecting the effects to the loop or after the device. As I understood the loop is serial and the break goes at the end of the circuit before the boost. What gives the connection of effects to the loop, if you can also turn on the effects after the device in the same way? What is it for, what I do not understand?

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    Hey Gary,
    The main advantage of using the FX Loop is that it allows you to utilize the XLR and 1/4" outputs. If you go out of the Venue, into your pedals, you will not get the signal from the pedals through the DI output.

    If you run the 1/4" output in most cases, then running your pedals after the Venue will have a very similar result as running them in the loop.


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      Thanks I got it!