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  • LB6 w/Lyric

    Hi there! I was considering using a microphone in tandem w/my LB6 equipped Yamaha LL16. I know the LB6 can't work in a set-up like the Anthem but would it work if wired in stereo w/the Lyric? I know Doyle Dykes is using the LB6 w/Lyric in his new Godin but wasn't certain if any specialized circuitry was required to make this work. My proposed set-up was installing the Lyric and wiring the LB6 to its ring connector and mixing at my Tonebone PZ Pre. I imagine the ring connector is passive, correct?

    Thanks for your help, Caleb!

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    Hey Erik,
    The Doyle/Godin has a custom system, designed for that guitar, but what you're talking about would be a great way to get a similar result. The LB6 can tie into the ring on the Lyric, and output in stereo. Then you can go into your Radial to mix the signals. The LB6 would be passive, so the Radial is a great solution.

    It should be a great setup!


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      Thank you! So, no phase issues between the LB6 and the Lyric? I luv the LB series but it always seems like people freak out if you try to blend it with a second source other than a mic and I know that's due to the mixed phase piezo crystals but I don't know how to determine when that will be an issue. I successfully blended the LB6 w/a PUTW #54 without any phase probs but the output levels were too different between the two to make any tone gains.


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        The LB6's phase-inverted sensors has never really been an issue when blending with mics. It can sound a bit odd if you hyper-focus on it, but overall it blends with other stuff pretty well.