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1992 Martin D16H with Lyric and DI question...

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  • 1992 Martin D16H with Lyric and DI question...

    I just had a lyric installed into my 92 Martin D16H. I have a vintage 67 Peavey The Classic hybrid solid state-tube amp...
    1. Does anyone on here utilize a lyric with a di for worship music?
    2. What di do you recommend?
    3. Should I look at investing in a different amp?
    The Peavey works great and is loud and clean. They don't get a lot of love like the old Fenders but it is indestructible and with 4-10's and 50 watts of power is plenty for my uses.
    Any insight would be appreciated.

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    Hey Prof_Turby,
    I definitely prefer the sound of an acoustic through a full-range PA, and a DI box.

    Electric guitar amps, in general, don't represent the bass or the upper treble frequencies very naturally. With something like the Lyric, you would get a more natural and full sound if you used a DI into the house PA.

    At my church I use the Session DI into the house PA. I get a little EQ from the mixer, but overall it's a great sound!