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truest sounding pickup for 1955 Gibson SJ?

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  • truest sounding pickup for 1955 Gibson SJ?

    I'm using an old Gibson dreadnought style from the mid-50s and can't get a natural sound out of it when amplified. It has two old Barcus-Berry Hot Dots mounted in the bridge. , and I run it through an LR Baggs Venue. What are thoughts on the best pickup to install. This guitar sounds incredible acoustically...and I want to get some of that feeling when amplified. In case it makes any difference, I live in a dry climate, the wood has acclimatised, but is very dry.

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    Hey Craig,
    I actually installed a Lyric in this old 70's J-100 today, and it sounds really nice. I was a little worried that the Lyric wouldn't quite capture the unique low-mid qualities of the guitar, but after playing with the mic placement, I was able to get a really great reproduction of the guitar. I ended up placing the mic on the backside of the bridgeplate, behind the pins. The reproduction of the low end response is natural but not overpowering. You would probably get a stronger bass response from something like the Anthem or the Anthem SL. I really like how this one came out though.

    We actually have a newer SJ Custom in the shop that sounds great with the Lyric too.


    I hope that helps.