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E-String very loud on Anthem microphone

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  • E-String very loud on Anthem microphone

    Hi everone, I had the anthem System instlalled in my Furch Dreadnought and It sounds well overall. But the low E-string is way too loud in the microphone signal.. I also hear that D and G string are a bit weaker than B and top E. I already checked my saddle (seems even) and the position of the microphone. What eles can I try to get an balanced sound.
    Thanks in advance

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    The Element undersaddle pickup is responsible for all of the fundamental string frequencies. If you are having string balance issues, then it should be the pickup that is not balanced.

    It is most likely that the saddle is either too tight in the slot, or that the bottom of the saddle is not entirely flat. Whoever installed the pickup should be able to take care of those issues.