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Anthem not working properly through Boss A/B switch, TC Harmony pedal, mixer and amp

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  • Anthem not working properly through Boss A/B switch, TC Harmony pedal, mixer and amp

    I have a new Anthem system in my Laskin guitar. I'm really excited about it. However, I have noticed that it's really quiet compared to my older style Baggs piezo running through an outboard preamp. I am running both guitars into a BOSS A/B switch so I can change guitars in the middle of a set without needing to unplug/plug in. I'm also using a TC Harmony pedal so I can harmonize with myself (very cool). The guitar goes through the pedal out to the mixer and then to the amp.

    Here's the set up:
    Guitar #1=================>BOSS A/B switch==>
    Guitar #2==>Baggs Preamp==>BOSS A/B Switch==>

    After the A/B Switch, both guitars==>TC Harmony pedal===>Passac Unity Eight Mixer==>GK MV200 amp

    If I plug the Anthem directly into the GK, it works, but it's not nearly as loud as the older Baggs with the outboard preamp. If I put the preamp AFTER the A/B switch so BOTH guitars are running through the preamp, the problem seems to go away and goth guitars are equally loud.

    I guess my question is whether or not the Anthem can produce enough horsepower to drive the ancient GK MV200. The older Baggs piezo with the preamp seems to have no problem driving the GK. The GK and the older Baggs are from 1991. Not sure what model they are, but I'm attaching a photo of the preamp. When I tested the Anthem at the shop where I had it installed, it was plenty loud.

    Thoughts anyone?

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    Hey Craig,
    Sorry again about your first post getting erased.

    The Anthem should be loud enough to go direct into any amp or mixer and have enough output. I think that the preamp EQ that you are using is just adding more gain than the Anthem is outputting. Have you tried lowering the Preamp EQ level to match the Anthem, and then boosting the level from your mixer or amp?