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No discernible difference...grrr

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  • No discernible difference...grrr

    I have an LR Baggs Anthem SL installed in one of my Martin OM guitars. It's one of my many LR Baggs installs in various guitars and I like those pickups a lot.

    When I turn the mic adjustment screw...and that's a whole other post in itself...I really hear no real difference in bass response. Of course I have to slack most of the other strings to do this (that's for the other post too) but leave the bottom two at pitch. I turn the adjustment back and forth with those strings ringing...really, no difference far left to far right.

    I would think you certainly should hear a difference. I touch the mic and I hear the thin scratching sound, so it's definitely live.

    What gives?

    I am none-too-impressed with the SL, preferring the more expensive (unfortunately) Anthem with separate piezo/mic controls. I had it installed by a luthier, but was entirely underwhelmed when I plugged it in and heard it through a small PA. Non-whelmed, really and I was quite surprised.

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    Hey acme97,
    The mic in the Anthem only carries the mid and high frequencies. The bass is always carried by the pickup. So you won't notice any change in the bass response when adjusting that trim pot.

    Are you using the included adjustment tool? You should be able to make that adjustment without loosening the strings at all.


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      Thanks for that info. But I wonder if you can see how one would think that counter-intuitive...just my backwards thinking I guess. You would think the mic in the body of the guitar provides the bottom, and the element the higher frequencies.

      I find the placement of that screw adjustment, facing in, to be difficult. Even after you're sure you've seated the screwdriver properly. Just my own opinion.

      But, that said, I have probably 5 Anthems in various guitars. So I like what I hear.
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