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GigPro Crackling/grounding?

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  • GigPro Crackling/grounding?

    Every time I touch my gigpro, or a cable connected to it, It makes an awful crackling sound. It doesn't seem to be motion based, but more of a grounding/shielding issue. It happens when I touch the volume knob, or when I touch the cables I plug into it. I followed the suggestions in another post to check my battery connections, and while they didn't seem to make the sound change any more than touching anywhere else. I went ahead and tightened the positive terminal clamp just for fun.
    Any suggestions on what to look to next? I have eliminated cables and other components of the line as sources of the error.
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    It seems like the forum is cutting off part of people's posts. Can you re-post the rest of your post?


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      Thanks, Caleb, for the notice!


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        I would wiggle the treble pot a little bit. If the unit was ever dropped, that pot is the most exposed and could be easily damaged. Other than that, it sound like it could actually be an issue with the volume pot.


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          I guess my next question is; is it worth sending it for repair at this point, or do I pull the trigger and use this as my excuse to upgrade to the para di to replace it?
          Shipping it two ways and a repair job is probably close to the same cost as buying a replacement, so an upgrade is starting to make sense.


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            If you want to email me at [email protected], I can get you a repair quote.