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New Session Anthem pedal ?

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  • New Session Anthem pedal ?

    Anyone using the new pedal yet . If so your thoughts. Thanks

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    I used the new Align Reverb this weekend with my Session DI. It was a fantastic sound! I got a lot of compliments on the tone.


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      Caleb, this is the exact same chain that I want to run in a PA system.
      so, if I want to use the XLR from the session Into the mixer, i need to use in second, right? But I'm always listening that is better to use the compression ( session) first.

      ​​​​​If I use the session Di first and then to the Align reverb, do I will need another DI box??


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        Hey Weber,
        This setup isn't as perfect as I want it to be, but it sounds great all the same. I usually like the Compression and Saturation first, but for my fairly simple setup, running the Reverb first doesn't cause any major issues. If I played with the Saturation set higher, then the Reverb first might start to sound a bit strange. As I run it now, it works great.