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  • Anthem preamp alternatives

    Recently i have got from friend a set of Anthem pickups but without on board system/end jack. Since i have Anthem system installed in my second guitar and i am extremely satisfied how it works, i have thought it should be nice to install Anthem in another guitar as well. But since i have only pickups, i am kind of stuck. Is is possible to buy somewhere just Anthem controls/end jack or if its not, is it possible to use some other alternative preamp?
    Thanks in advance
    Best regards, Peter

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    Hey Peter,
    You should be able to custom-order the preamp and output jack to make a full Anthem by going through a local LR Baggs dealer. The Anthem preamp has a lot of unique and special circuitry that makes it operate pretty differently from other systems. So using other parts or other preamps will give you a very different end-result.

    If you like the Anthem in your other guitar, then getting the extra pieces that you need would be a good way to get a second system.