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Taylor ES system retro fit

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  • Taylor ES system retro fit

    'm wanting to replace a Taylor ES system with the LR Baggs Anthem. I tried to search this subject in advance but was unable to find anything on it so my aplogies if this has already been covered.
    I would just like to hear about what challenges I may run into as the ES system uses up the tail block that the jack is secured into.


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    Hey formslash,

    Depending on the version of the ES that you have, many of the parts can be reused with the Anthem. Specifically, if you have a 9v battery compartment in the tailblock, then the whole tailblock insert can be reused. It will take a little extra work from the installer, but the Anthem's battery cable can be extended and soldered into the existing battery box, and the ES jack can be removed and retrofitted with the Anthem jack. All in all, it comes out very clean in form and function.

    I hope that helps. If you have specific questions, let me know.


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      How did you like the Anthem system in comparison to the Taylor


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        In my opinion the Anthem mic is more natural sounding than any setting on the ES. You can definitely get a usable sound from the ES, but it doesn't necessarily sound like the guitar in most cases. The Anthem represents the voice of the guitar much better.