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LR Baggs element battery compartment

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  • LR Baggs element battery compartment

    Hello, I recently acquired a Seagull 20th anniversary S6. I believe it's an '02. It has an LR Baggs element pickup installed.I'm assuming battery is dead but I can't find battery compartment. It's an older model with pots for volume, bass, and treble, and a green light for battery, which is not lit. Can anyone tell me how to change battery in this unit. Thanks

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    HI Slash360,

    Thanks for your question.

    [This customer called us and had his question answered directly. I'll share the answer here for others to see.]

    The system in your guitar is what we called the Element Onboard System Small(EOS-Sm) and was available factory-installed in Seagull guitars, though not as early as 2002. The battery compartment is part of the molded face of the control panel. Pressing down on the face of the control panel should allow it to unlatch and lift out of the mounted preamp unit.

    Note: The unit in the attached picture says iBeam but the housing design is the same.
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