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  • Taylor guitar & acoustic session di

    i'm using a Taylor 322e mahogany guitar with expression system version 1 through an AER compact 60-2. The guitar's sound is described as "strong mid range focus" and "warm, rich sound". Studio recordings sound great - but not yet managed to achieve quite the same live. Would adding a LRB acoustic session DI work to improve the natural sound of this guitar when amplified, or overdo it? My objective is simply to try to create an accurate "natural but louder" sound. Or would a parametric EQ pedal prove a better route to fine tune the tone?

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    Hey Kelvin999,
    The Session DI would definitely be one way to get a more balanced tone out of your guitar for live playing. The Comp-EQ would help to balance out the mids, while the Saturation would add some warmth and depth to the plugged-in sound.

    You could definitely use a more traditional EQ pedal/DI to get a better sound, but that can take a bit more time to dial-in from one gig or venue to the next. It could give you more flexibility, compared to the Session DI, but the Session DI is absolutely a simpler interface to use if you want minimal controls.

    In my own experience, the Session is ideal for adding a little extra "something" to your signal, without getting too crazy. If you need to do a lot to your signal to get a decent sound, EQ will get you much further.

    I hope that helps.