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Replacing Dead Element in Breedlove with Anthem Mic and ?

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  • Replacing Dead Element in Breedlove with Anthem Mic and ?

    I have a Breedlove Atlas Series D-25 that I bought new in about 2010. The tuner portion of the Element Control has quit working. I've had it to a tech and he hasn't been able to revive it and at this point I'm planning on replacing the entire Element pickup/control. I just now saw the Anthem mic/mix deal, listened to the sound clip samples of the Anthem Mic and am quite impressed but I was pleased with the plugged in sound of the Element before as well.

    My questions are....
    1.) Should I replace the Element with another Element and add the Anthem Mic?
    2.) Should I replace with the complete Anthem pickup control and Anthem Mic as a package?

    Thanks for any input

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    Hi Hugh,
    The Element preamp doesn't have an input for a mic. So you would need to upgrade the preamp to the Stagepro Anthem in order to get the Element as well as the mic.

    You can buys parts separately by custom order, but you will probably save money by purchasing the entire Stagepro Anthem system. Then you can just swap out the preamp and add the mic. The output jack and Element pickup can be re-used.

    I hope that helps.