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Greetings all. T-bridge info

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  • Greetings all. T-bridge info

    Just ordered a T0bridge for my Gretsch. Perfect addition to the newly installed TV Jones pickups and harness. Couple questions - It's sounding like I need the pre-amp so I'm going ahead with that this week. What have some of you used for a battery box to make the battery changes easy? After installing yours did you wish you would have done something different on the install? Pot location? The way it's wired? Super excited to get this done...just making sure I don't miss anything. I run a wireless guitar so I'm not sure having a TRS option is best for suggestions.

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    I've never done a Piezo bridge installation on a Gretsch before, so I can't speak to pot configurations or using a battery box from any level of experience.

    If you want to blend the pickups on the guitar, then something like the CTRL-X preamp with the battery would be necessary. If you want to keep the signals separate, then it would be a lot easier to wire the bridge to the stereo jack (provided) and use a stereo-Y cable to run the Piezo signal into an external preamp/DI. There are a few different options, but this way would keep the clutter in the guitar to a minimum.

    I hope it helps.