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Hum/noise issue

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  • Hum/noise issue

    I am experiencing hum/noise in my signal when listening through headphone monitors in the mixing desk when PFL is engaged. Im using the LR Baggs Para DI as my DI to the mixer. There is no hum/noise through the 1/4 out but only through the xlr di out.

    Here is my signal chain for your reference: guitar - para di input - session di in effects loop - para di xlr out to mixing desk.

    para di gain at 12:00
    session di gain at 9:00, vol at 12:00
    para di vol at 12:00
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    Hey thirdie2002,
    It sounds like you could be running into a ground loop issue. I would try running the Para DI first, then the Session DI into the mixer. The Session DI has a Ground/Lift switch for the XLR, so if it was a ground loop, that should take care of the problem.

    The older design of the Para DI does not include a Ground/Lift switch.

    I know that you won't be able to use Phantom Power with the Para DI earlier in the chain, but it would be worth trying it to see if that solves the noise issue.


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      Btw. Thanks for replying. Now that I was sure it was a ground loop problem, I was able to eliminate the hum by switching outlets.