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Difference(s) between Align Session DI, Venue DI and Session DI

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    Thank you for all the help and tips.

    Before I forget, I did finally check the Element wiring as you advised as well as all of the warning points in the installation guide. Sure enough, there was a fair amount of slack between the saddle and the clip. More than enough to put a finger between the element wire and the bridge. A little less boomy on the attack.

    I got the EQ a few hours ago. It was a big win on many fronts. Especially my 2015 Taylor 614CE with the stock ES2 system. I hate to use an over-used term, but the EQ and Session DI pairing is a huge game changer for me. The EQ takes all that resonant noise out and the Session DI turns it into a beast. It was just like some of the demo videos on the Session DI page for me. A real, "whoa!!!!" moment. I'm thrilled. You cannot imagine the hours I have trying to get this guitar sounding good in the "Home Project Studio".

    The Hummingbird with the Anthem that I've been mainly posting about saw improvements as well. It was already doing wonderfully before the EQ, so didn't have as far to climb. I got my saturation and compression head-room, and I learned that doing a 1.6kHz dip at the beginning of the signal chain was a big improvement over doing it afterwards and even in my DAW. More to come on that front. I'm tone-fried and this post is already massive. Suffice to say that the Anthem-SessionDI-AlignEQ are working as advertised. Maybe a nit with the pure element tone at the most, but I would likely never use it like that anyhow.

    Hats off to the LR Baggs folks. Also, thank you very much for your patience, tips and advice, Caleb. Now it's time to go make music.


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      I'm so glad to hear it!

      Go forth and make excellent music!


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        An update, of sorts, and a good one at that, though it's also somewhat confessional. Hopefully it helps someone.

        I dropped my recording input level targets down to PEAK at -18dbfs. That means that most of the time, my signal is in the -22dbfs to -25dbfs range. This level drives the converters in my Apollo Twin a lot less, which means my Apollo Twin damages them a lot less in the mid range. This opened up that mid-range and forced me to add a good 1/3rd turn of the mic volume screw back in the Anthem. I'm now about 2/3rds the way up. I say forced, because the tone that resulted from the recording level drop was way out of balance. THAT was because my interface's converters kept brightening the mid-range on me, due to being pushed thus making it seem brighter than it was. It became very thick. Now it is very much near perfect after the adjustment screw.

        I don't need to adjust the signal on the way in any more. I don't "need" the Align EQ or the Session DI. That means I get to use these new peddles for enhancement instead of repair. That is a big paradigm switch. Resonant noises/ringing and sympathetic bass ringing diminished a great deal. Notch filters are now both off. I do have to gain stage, or at least I should. That's to say to make sure the volume going in and out of each component is the same. Best to test one at a time. I could drive one harder, but the overall output going into my interface must only peak no higher than -18dbfs.

        During the course of this exercise, it became very evident that the Anthem target output is 0VU. That translates to -18dbfs in my Pro Tools meters and on the input meters within my interface's input meters. And again, I am recording using peak of -18dbfs or 0VU. I actually aim for -20dbfs as I can get heavy handed at times. This also translated into my bass tracking using a Fender Jazz Bass Standard and an Ampeg PF500 through my interface.

        If anyone is worried about what might seem to be a low recording level, remember two things. All the old analog gear used VU and designed around 0VU as optimal. Also, this clean signal can be cranked up once in Pro Tools and be no harsher than any other audio from any digital source like a Virtual Instrument. Try doing that to a signal that had been scorched before it got into your DAW.

        So anyhow, that is where I am on this. I was ruining the signal on the way into my computer. I hope this helps someone.

        Caleb, am I right about the 0VU being target level for the Anthem?


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          Originally posted by PatriotsBiker View Post
          Caleb, am I right about the 0VU being target level for the Anthem?
          There wasn't really a "goal" with the Anthem's output level. Even as it is, it will be louder or quieter depending on the guitar that it is installed in.

          I'm glad to hear that it's working so much better for you now. Thanks so much for sharing your experience.