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looking for the best EQ to run M80 through a guitar amp

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  • looking for the best EQ to run M80 through a guitar amp

    This is my first time using a magnetic pickup, but I heard they might be helpful for when it comes to running my Martin 000-15SM through some effects. Currently I have a TU-3, Anadime chorus, and Neunaber Immerse on my acoustic board plus I'm waiting to get a Timeline in the mail. The second to next thing I want to run is a good drive to put on it, preferably light with a clean blend, but first I'd think an eq/maybe a preamp might help round out the sound. I'm pretty inexperienced when it comes to acoustic electronics so any help here would be super helpful!

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    I forget to mention the strings: D'Addario Nickel Bronze 12's, might change back to Martin Retro 12 or 13's. The amps: a Fender 65 drri and Bassman reissue. I also have a big JBL speaker, I think it's a 2x12, but it's v heavy and I figure an amp would be best if i"m running an overdrive or possibly even a fuzz NMH style! I've never had a proper eq pedal either so I'd love any good reccs and opinions you might have on the Chase Bliss Condor eq for acoustic


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      Hey Ben,
      There are a lot of great EQ options out there in pedal-form. Some are a bit generic, but others offer a ton of flexibility for certain applications.

      As far as LR Baggs products go, the new Align EQ works exceptionally well for magnetic pickups like the M80. It's in a pedalboard-friendly format, so it would integrate really easily with your other pedals too. I've done some tests using different EQ pedals on the M1A, including the Align EQ, Venue DI, and others, and I was able to get the most balanced sound out of the Align EQ. For what it's worth, that's definitely what I would recommend.


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        I was eyeing the new pedal series and they seem really nice. Thanks!