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  • Hello and a little help...

    Newbie here. Longtime Baggs user, but have a question about this model. Can you tell me what I'm working with here, and is there a user guide online? Thanks in advance for your help!
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    Hey LC,
    That is an older system that was made exclusively for Larrivee. That specific one is called the Element Notch.

    There is a sweepable midrange EQ, which uses the "tune" knob. The Notch knob is designed to fight feedback.

    If you have any more specific questions about the system or the controls, let me know.


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      Thanks! It is indeed in a Larrivee(DV-03R). I'm a strictly Larrivee guy . This one was a recent gift, and I'm just getting out to gig with it. I thought it might be an older model or such. I put it through a good drive last week (4 gigs in 3 days), and it's a bit tricky to dial in, but when it's there, it makes that box sing! Thanks agaim for the insight...

      L.C. Branch