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Ground noise issue M1A?

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  • Ground noise issue M1A?

    I just got my M1A and I'm having serious ground noise/buzz issues. Originally this noise was almost as loud as the usable signal, getting louder when touching the pole pieces or the body of the pickup and going away when touching the battery, output jack or cable. Took it out of the guitar to change the battery and initially the noise seemed to be going away, only crackling once in a while when moving or touching the pickup, however the noise now seems to be back. It is not as loud as it was at first but still loud enough to be unusable. I have tried different cables with no difference. Would a DI box with a ground lift help in any way? I doubt there is a capable repairman anywhere close to me if the issue needs to be solved in the pickup. Any advice? Other than the noise I'm really liking the tone I'm getting so I would really like to resolve this if at all possible.

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    Hey tenniscoat,
    If you want to email me at [email protected], I will see what I can do to help you out.


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      A ground loop in entertainment equipment typically occurs when one or f those methods don't fix things iTunes Login