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Pre-Amp/DI for Ukulele

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  • Pre-Amp/DI for Ukulele

    I own a Mya-Moe tenor ukulele with an internal passive K&K Twin Spot pickup. Which of L.R. Baggs' pre-amp/DI's would be the best for such an instrument? Does anyone have any experience with ukuleles and pre-amp/DI's?

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    Most LR Baggs preamps should work. I think the Venue DI or Para DI would be the most appropriate though. They have more universal features that would be better suited to a Uke.

    Choosing between the Venue DI and the Para DI is more about choosing the features that you would want in a DI.

    I hope that helps.


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      I have a tenor uke with a K&K single that I installed and it works fine with the Para. The K&K's have excellent output so you will have to take your time and play with gain to obtain your optimum setting.


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        Another vote for the PADI. I have a Collings UT2 tenor ukulele with a passive LR Baggs pick up. It works great with my PADI.