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Difference between Anthem, Anthem sl and Anthem Classical ?

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  • Difference between Anthem, Anthem sl and Anthem Classical ?


    What are the differences between the 3 systems ?
    Would a Anthem sl work well on a classical (nylon strings) guitar ?


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    Hey gae247,
    All of the Anthem systems use the same mic and pickup. The differences are in the circuitry in the preamps.

    The regular Anthem has the ability to adjust the balance between the pickup and the mic, while the SL and SL-C have a preset mix that cannot be adjusted. The SL's are optimized so that the mic will carry the majority of the signal, while the pickup supports the bass frequencies for a stronger bass with the best possible feedback rejection.

    Unfortunately, using the regular Anthem or the Anthem SL on a classical guitar is not recommended. That is the whole reason that there is a classical version of the SL. The steel-string SL simply did not represent the sound that you get from nylon strings, lighter bracing, etc. So the SL-Classical was designed from the ground up to best serve the classical guitar.


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      OK, I got it.

      Thank you very much !


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        Do the Classic version still have the possibility to mix mike and pickup, no ? That's what i understand reading the installation guide.
        Am I right ?
        Or is it fixed mix ? In this case if I install a regular one could I get the "right" mix for the classic guitar using the mix button os is it a matter of preamp ?

        Thanks for your patience.
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          The Anthem SL and the SL-C both have a mic-level or mic-trim control. That allows you to raise or lower the volume of the mic but does not change the blend or mix between the mic and pickup.

          The pickup always carries the bass frequencies, so adding more mic will result in a brighter sound. Reducing the mic level will result in a darker sound. So there is a good amount of flexibility.


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            OK: Thanks again !