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Taylor GS Mini - will Anthem Tru-mic fit bracing ? (or Anthem SL model)

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  • Taylor GS Mini - will Anthem Tru-mic fit bracing ? (or Anthem SL model)

    I just registered the Anthem Tru-mic system, which is now residing in my Taylor 712.... I was relieved to find that the Anthem model fits the bracing of the Grand Concert series. The preamp / controls that are part of the Anthem Tru-mic model, fit the bracing in the Grand Concert 712.... perfectly.

    here is my question: Which pickup would you recommend for a Taylor GS-mini ? or maybe said better....
    ....will the same pickup that is now in my 712, work with the bracing of a GS-mini ? (small bodied 6 string)

    Would the Anthem SL model be a "better fit" in the GS-mini ?

    I've got an older Fishman pickup in the GS mini, currently....(which works / sounds fine) but it is starting to make "popping" noises. ( bad capacitor maybe )

    Since this is my first post, I also sent an email to the tech folk at LR Baggs, to see who can provide info.... Thanks in advance....

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    Hey there,
    I just responded to your email, but I figured I would post for anyone else who wants to know.

    I don't recall exactly, but I remember the regular Anthem did not fit as well in the GS Mini (probably due to a sound hole brace). The SL, however, works like a dream! The GS Mini already sounds pretty solid for a smaller guitar, but the SL makes it sound HUGE when it's plugged in. The GS Mini and the Anthem SL are a fantastic pair.


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      .... I've ordered the Anthem-SL for the GS-mini guitar. I just removed the defective Fishman pickup..... I tried to find the dimensions of the SL control "pod".... but couldn't find the info.... There sure isn't much room in the GS-mini, due to the bracing near the sound hole....... I hope it fits....

      Thanks again.... Greg


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        ... just to follow-up.... I've installed the Anthem SL model pickup into the Taylor GS mini, and it fits perfectly ! (the Anthem Tru-mic version would not have worked due to the bracing in this smaller guitar. ALSO.... I had a 60 cycle hum when I first tried the pickup thru a Roland Cube Lite amp.... then I remembered that I had misplaced the original power supply for the Roland amp (a wall wart), and was using a similar power supply that I got off of Ebay. Turns out that the hum was coming from that generic Ebay power supply. I found the original power supply (made by Roland) and when I use that power supply, the 60 cycle hum was / is completely GONE. (yeah). The power supply for the Roland amp is a bit unusual... 5.7 volts DC, with the "center pin" being negative. (not easy to find, unless you pay the big bucks for the original Roland power supply.)

        bottom line: The Anthem SL fits , and works / sounds great in the Taylor GS-mini....


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          Glad to hear it. Thanks for posting the update.