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Dual Source Mic Distortion

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  • Dual Source Mic Distortion

    Hey There! I recently added the Dual Source to my Yamaha w/a LB6 in place of the Element. I've noticed at times that there's a low-end distortion coming from the mic. I thought I'd previously resolved it by ensuring the mic was properly connected but I was playing a show last night and was told there was a "buzzing" or distortion coming from the low notes. I have the bass roll-off set around 1 o'clock on the preamp. Do I need to double-check the connection again or could something else be amiss? Thanks!

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    I would try to make sure that the mic is actually the source of the distortion. Next time you get that distortion, try taking the mic out of the mix to see if the issue goes away.

    If you have the bass cut turned up, it should eliminate a lot of the potential for low-end noise or distortion. If the mic is causing the distortion, it could be from some kind of mechanical rattle in the guitar. Many times a rattle sounds like distortion when plugged in.


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      You win again! I made a tiny adjustment to the truss rod and the little bit of fret buzz I had reduced and, voila, the distortion noise went with it. It was coming through the mic and LB6 but was most exaggerated by the mic. It sounded like fuzz but it's resolved now. Thanks again!


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        Glad to hear it. Rattles and buzzing are a pain!