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    Hi there, guys!

    I just replaced my M80 with the Anthem (Full version) on my Martin HD28.

    The first thing that made me change the pickups was because of a noise that the M80 had. Caleb told me that the magnetic nature of the M80 probably was the responsible for that noise.

    I changed today fot the Anthem, and my Luthier made the job. When I plugged it into my Para DI, I noticed two things:

    1st: the sound of the Anthem (all mic in) is AWESOME! Way more natural than the M80 (I AB them, with the M80 in an outside jack.
    2nd: the noise of the M80 is still in the Anthem.

    Just a few more informations:

    That noise was not always present. In a few places, it was. In others, the sound was clear, dead quiet, excelent!

    Do you guys think that it could be the installation? Or the place I'm using the energy (my house is one of the places that the noise is present)?

    Once again... thank you, guys!

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    I just talked to my Luthier, and he told me that he used the same jack of the M80. He doesn't changed it with the new one. Do you think it could be it?


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      If the jack or cable going to the jack are not correctly shielded, it could very easily cause issues. So swapping the old jack out would be a good idea.

      If you are still getting noise with the Anthem in the same locations as before (with the new jack), it's likely that those places just have very poor electrical systems. I've played my fair share of places with noisy stages.