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Piezo buzz --- rattling wire?

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  • Piezo buzz --- rattling wire?

    Hello! I'm getting a faint buzz on primarily the low E string (much fainter on the A string) of my iMix-equipped CA acoustic. I've ruled out action/nut/frett issues. The buzz quiets dramatically when I shift the mix over to %100 iBeam. I can see the pickup was originally installed with the wiring going from the pickups to the back face of the guitar for securing with the clip. Is it possible the wire from the piezo could be rattling somehow and causing the buzz (it enters the slot from the low E side.)

    I'm sure I can reroute the wires to the side of the guitar if it's recommended, but I wanted to check first to see if this was plausible.

    Any other ideas would be appreciated.

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    I suppose I should clarify ... when I say "back face" of the guitar, I mean the back of the guitar opposite the soundboard.


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      It is definitely possible for a buzz to come from poorly routed wires in the guitar. If you listen to the guitar unplugged, you may be able to hear roughly where the noise is coming from.

      You can also use your hands to press on parts of the guitar to make sure that the issue isn't coming from a brace or any wiring routed near the bracing. I would definitely check the internal wire routing though.


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        Thanks Caleb. What's the recommended location for securing the wire? The Baggs installation manual says to secure it as close as possible to where it exits the saddle, but do you mean on the underside of the soundboard, or would you recommend just securing it to the side?


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          The first clip should secure the pickup wire directly to the top. That one should be 1-2 inches away from where the pickup exits the hole. From there it's installers choice.

          You just want to be sure that the wires are held down tight to prevent noise and rattles.