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Using Venue with a K&K equipped guitar

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  • Using Venue with a K&K equipped guitar

    Hi there,

    I recently tried a guitar equipped with a K&K Pure Mini through my Venue DI and regardless of anything I tried with the settings it still sounded dull and muffled....I guess this is due to the Impedance mismatch (k&K Output is 1M and Venue input is 10M).

    My question is this - could I use something like a Boss GE-7 (input imp 1M ohms, output 1k ohms) between the guitar and the Venue to correct this, or would seeing 1k at the input affect the Venue's performance? I know that K&K do a basic and inexpensive preamp but I've already invested in the Venue for my other Lyric-equipped guitars and would like to still use the tuner and boost functions with a K&K equipped guitar.

    Any advice most welcome!

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    Adding a pedal in between the K&K and the Venue will correct the impedance and reduce the boomy bass. You will still need to do a bit of EQ to get a balanced sound (due to the K&K's natural, passive response), but that is what the Venue does best! Using the Venue and the GE7 would be more than enough to get an awesome sound.